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  • What is the secWWW?

    • It is the PHP + JavaScript library which ciphers and signs the HTTP (WWW) communication over the internet/intranet.
    • It supports the security login in the WWW application and the cipher of the sending and receiving data over the net.
    • It is not base on the SSL or other similar security protocol and then it is not needed this security protocol.
    • RIJNDAEL-128 and SHA1 or SHA256 algorithms are used in the security communication between a WWW server and a browser.

  • What does the secWWW library support?

    • Security login into the WWW application without sending password over the net.
    • Selective cipher only the confidental data.
    • Cipher data in the direction from a browser to a WWW server (RIJNDAEL-128).
    • Cipher data in the direction from a WWW server to a browser (RIJNDAEL-128).
    • The crypted data cannot be save by a browser into a hard disk in the decrypted form.
    • "Signing" of individual requests (SHA1 or SHA256).

  • What does the secWWW library require?

    • WWW browser with JavaScript support.
    • WWW browser with FRAME support (excepted lite secWWW).
    • PHP compiled with the mhash and mcrypt libraries.
    • In case of the signing requests: allowed cookie.
    • Tested with: IE, Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror.
secWWW © Richard Kotal - waplikace CZ 2006